Egyptian Maintenance Company (EMC) is a known provider of maintenance and modification services.

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The company works for large oil, gas and petrochemical companies across the country. EMC's main office is in Cairo, and it has several other offices in Egypt.

EMC ownership is divided in half: Aibel and Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) each own 50 percent of EMC.

EMC is certified as a specialist entrepreneur in maintenance, modification, engineering and construction, and the company offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of the customer.

EMC's goal is to be the ideal provider of maintenance, modification and technical services both within and outside of Egypt. EMC also wants to create value for its customers by delivering high quality services in new technologies and with a focus on HSE.


Egyptian Maintenance Company (EMC)
New Cairo, City Admin.Centre
Ninety St., Zone 20
Cairo, Egypt

P.O Box 207
Postal Code 11835
Cairo, Egypt

Tel. +202 26189888
Fax +202 26189999



Delivers maintenance, modification and construction services in Egypt, and tailors its services according to customer needs. Aibel owns 50 percent of the company.

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