Vision and values

The vision helps us define our clients, the market we serve and our core competencies. Together we are driven by our vision.

Our vision refers to Aibel’s overall goal, answering the question, “What are we attempting to accomplish together for the company?”


Vision: We deliver sustainable solutions.
Our values guide us in our daily work as individuals, within teams and within the organization. We have named our value concept “We Care” as our values give direction about how we behave and work for the good of our employees, clients, partners, owners and the rest of the society.

Values: Responsible – Visionary – Open – Flexible.
These are vital to our success, and have helped us create a culture that is defined by those we care about – our customers, our colleagues, our shareholders and our society.

We care about our colleagues

We need each other to achieve our goals. Therefore, we always practice open communication, we show each other respect and we value responsible management.

We care about our customers

Because our customers' success is our success, we are committed to build mutual trust. We also believe in involving our partners and suppliers in all aspects of performance and is committed to high standards of all our results.

We care about shareholders

We will always work hard to be an attractive company and is therefore committed to create value, to be responsible and predictable.

We care about our society and the environment

Because society provides the framework for our business, we are concerned about the environment we work in. We strive to be an attractive employer and to ensure business ethics leadership. We are also working to ensure sustainable development.