1,400 pupils visit Aibel

It has been busy at Aibel’s stand at the Science Fair in Haugesund today. Year 7 pupils from the Haugesund area learned about reverse osmosis and how wind turbines make electricity.

Science Fair

“It’s incredibly exciting to see how keen they get,” says Karl-Johan Ferkingstad, who has been in charge of Aibel’s stand at the event. There’s been non-stop activity the whole day.

Science Fair Children simulate reverse osmosis in a simple way.

“An Ocean of Secrets”

The Science Fair is part of National Science Week. In Haugesund, Aibel is one of seven companies taking part with stands in the town square. This year’s theme is “An Ocean of Secrets”.

“So we chose to teach the children about a project we’ve had on the Snorre platform. Through the process of reverse osmosis, we make fresh water from salt water. We have tried to show students how this is done by letting them exert pressure in a small water tank with a membrane where we simulate salt particles with small balls. These balls don’t pass through the membrane,” says Ferkingstad.

Science Fair The year 7 pupils competed in building the Dolwin Beta fastest in Lego. The prize for the best time is a tour of the yard in Haugesund for the whole class.

Built Lego

The schoolchildren have also learned about Aibel’s commitment to renewable energy conversion platforms for big offshore wind farms.

“We let them try out a toy model that shows how wind turbines generate electricity. They’ve also had the chance to build our first conversion platform, Dolwin Beta, in Lego,” he explains. Engineer Ferkingstad is head of the electrical, instrumentation and telecom department at Aibel Haugesund.

Science Fair Aibel is constructing the Dolwin Beta platform for a wind farm in the German sector of the North Sea. It will convert AC power to DC power. Today the children learned how wind turbines generate power from wind.

Science night

Aibel has taken part in the Science Fair about ten times.

“We’re one of the biggest employers in the district. It’s important to show that in events like this. Maybe we can sow the seed of a new engineer among these kids,” says Ferkingstad.

Friday night is science night in the town square. Then all ages can visit Aibel’s stand between 6 and 8.30 pm.

Published 2013-09-27, 14:45 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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