65,000 offshore hours saved

Originally, the new Skuld module for the Norne vessel was to be installed as part of offshore modifications. Instead, the module was built in record time at the shipyard in Haugesund.

According to the original plan, the module, which contains heat exchangers, phase-splitters and a Palfinger crane, would be built bit by bit offshore.

The decision to fabricate the module on land has turned out to be a good move, says Project Manager Jan Hølland:

"By building the module on land we have saved two years. Few changes were made under way and our colleagues at the shipyard have done an outstanding job. Once more we have proven that we can change direction, build and install in much less time than originally planned."

Successful lift
The 163-tonne Skuld module was loaded on board the Nornes vessel on Friday 25 April using Saipem 7000. The lift itself was perfectly executed without any serious events.

Efficient lifting operation for the new Skuld module.

It is Aibel in Stjørdal that is in charge of the project, with engineering assistance from Singapore and Asker. The Asker office has supplied the feed and detailed design for the module. 60 engineers are currently working on the next milestone.

"The Engineering Work Packages for the entire project is in the final stages. Many pieces have to fit together. Close cooperation is a key factor and will ensure that we reach our goal," says the Project Manager.

When the project is finished Aibel will still be engaged through the maintenance agreement with Statoil

Work on deck
Thus far Skuld has been the quickest and largest of Statoil's rapid build projects, measured from discovery to production. There is still extensive work to be implemented on deck before the Norne upgrades are completed.

Aibel's work offshore on Norne will continue for the rest of the year.

Aibel has been working on Norne since 2010. The vessel is currently being upgraded in order to receive oil and gas from the Skuld field.

Published 2014-06-12, 13:30 CET Updated 2014-06-30, 09:54 CET

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The Skuld field consists of two discoveries, Fossekall and Dompap (April 2010)
Skuld is situated at Haltenbanken in the Norwegian Sea
Partners: Statoil (operator) 64 percent, Petoro 24.5 percent, Eni 11.5 percent