Good ratings for Aibel

Aibel is one of the country's most attractive companies. This is the opinion of engineering students, who give the company a high rating in two new surveys.

“The students view us as an exciting place to work. This is important to us,” says SVP Human Resources Rune Helliesen of Aibel AS.

A struggle for engineers

The 2013 Universum survey was presented on Wednesday. In the survey, more than 10,000 students rank different Norwegian companies.

“Engineering students rank Aibel at a healthy 17th position among the country's 100 most attractive places to work. We are very satisfied with this,” Helliesen says.

Rune Helliesen
SVP Human Resources Rune Helliesen (Photo: Aibel).

In 2012 Aibel hired 1,000 new employees. So far this year, more than 200 people have been hired by the company. A large proportion of these are engineers.

“There is a struggle for engineers in Norway today. This means that it is good that the students know of Aibel, and know that we can offer varied and challenging work,” Helliesen says.

Top ten position

Earlier on this week the Karrierebarometeret survey was presented. The survey has been developed by Evidente in cooperation with Studenttorget.

Around 7,000 students have ranked various employers according to how attractive they believe the companies are. The students have also indicated how well they know the company.

“Aibel is ranked in ninth position among engineering students. In addition, more than 50 per cent of engineering students say that they know of Aibel. We have put in a lot of effort in raising the profile of the company in recent years, so this is positive,” says Helliesen.

The survey was conducted for the first time in 2012. Then Aibel was ranked in fifth place.

“This is a slight decline compared to last year. However, it is a close race,” he says.

Statoil tops the list

In both surveys Statoil tops the list of the most attractive places to work among engineering students.

More information on: Universum and Karrierebarometeret.

Published 2013-05-08, 11:10 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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