A recipe for success

The latest shutdown at Troll A was a great success for Aibel. Everything went smoothly and in accordance with plan, safety was the number one priority and the work was of high quality.

The Troll A 3 & 4 project has delivered three new modules for the Troll A platform. In April, the production was shut down for 18 days due to the hook-up of the final two modules – a compressor module and a utility module. There were 33 tie-in points between the module and the platform, which required a considerable amount of welding and pressure tests. In addition, it was necessary to do a great deal of upgrading and valve replacements, as well as steel work and electrical work. 

Troll A shutdown 1
The management praises the crew for being solution-oriented and positive. Here are some of the participants on the final day of the shutdown, all still very cheerful.

Step by step
Planning of the shutdown started roughly eight months in advance. For everything to fall into place, all details must be under control. Equipment has to be ordered and prefabricated, work packages should be prepared and the right personnel and suppliers are to be chosen and briefed on the tasks.

“Being a well-integrated part of the client’s shutdown team, we had a good understanding of their desires. We reached all milestones in the planning phase, and thereby gained an excellent basis prior to the shutdown,” says Shutdown Coordinator Jarle Søvik.

Aibel’s own execution model Quality in Execution proved to be an important planning tool. The model, which focuses on risk, precision and learning, shall make sure that all work is executed in a safe and proper manner.

“By going through the various tasks step by step, we reveal possible showstoppers before the shutdown. We also discuss the interfaces between various disciplines and common challenges such as safety,” says Construction Manager Harald Revheim. 

Troll A shutdown work site description 
All work sites were made ready and clearly marked before the shutdown.

Using experience from previous shutdowns was an important part of the planning phase. One of the things shutdown coordinator Søvik has experienced is that displaying visual work instructions at the work sites may be very helpful.

“It makes it easier for all parties to get an overview of the work area. Many will also get a better understanding of how to execute the task when it’s presented like this,” shutdown coordinator Søvik points out. 

Chosen employees
About 180 offshore employees were engaged in the shutdown. About 110 worked during the day, while the rest took the night shift. Most of the participants work at Troll A on a regular basis. 

“That was an important success factor for us. As most employees were already familiar with both the platform and their colleagues, the work went really smoothly,” says Jarle Søvik. 

Troll A shutdown welding
Hamnawa Azimullah has started on one of the shutdown’s first welding jobs.

Prior to the shutdown, a thorough assessment was done to evaluate what kind of competence was needed and which employees were best suited for the job. The shutdown coordinator was happy to be joined by an experienced and highly qualified crew. It was an investment that really paid off.

«Despite a great deal of welding work, not a single mistake was made. The leak test did not reveal any leaks,» Søvik says, adding:

«It was a skilled, solution-oriented and cheerful bunch who made this a quiet and pleasant shutdown». 

Troll A shutdown fishing 
Shutdown Coordinator Jarle Søvik (right) has earned himself a little break. Fishing is a great activity for those who wish to relax a bit. 

More than planned
A total of 28,600 work hours were carried out throughout the shutdown, which was the largest shutdown ever at Troll A. Aibel’s scope of work amounted to 23,400 work hours. The project managed to complete all planned work.

“It went so well that we could actually take on more work in the end,” says Construction Manager Revheim.

The project has now entered its final stage and will be completed during summer. The final tasks primarily consist of insulation and structural work. 

Published 2015-05-13, 16:26 CET Updated 2015-05-13, 16:26 CET

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