Aibel bids Snorre farewell

Last week Aibel drew the line on almost four years of modification work on Snorre A. Among other things, the platform has a new freshwater system and is connected to the marginal field Vigdis North-East.

“Snorre is an important contributor in the Norwegian oil and gas market. For Aibel it has been exciting to be part of modifying the platform so that it can maintain high production,” says project manager Thor-Viggo Østebrød at Aibel.

Snorre and Vigdis North-East
The modification work at Snorre has been carried out with an excellent HSE result. This picture is from the installation of the new freshwater system. (All photos Aibel).

Received Vigdis North-East

Aibel has carried out two modification projects for Statoil with a total value of NOK 565 million. The final project was work on the fast track development Vigdis North-East.

“Vigdis North-East has been developed with subsea installations. Production from the field is transported to Snorre A using existing infrastructure. This has required modification of the platform in order to receive an umbilical, among other things. We have installed a new receiver platform, power station, termination unit and corrosion packs. The first oil arrived at Snorre in March as planned, and the project has been a success for us,” says the project manager.

Snorre and Vigdis North-East
Pull-in of the umbillical.

From salt water to fresh

At the most, around 130 Aibel empolyees have been involved in the work with Snorre. Around 40 of these have worked on the platform. A major project was replacing the freshwater system on the platform.

“We have used a process called reverse osmosis. In simple terms, we take salt water from the ocean and filter it to remove all pollutants. Then the pressure of the salt water is increased using a pump unit. The water is led to a membrane unit where water particles are retained, while the salt is removed. The necessary chemicals are added before the process is finished and the water can be drunk,” Østebrød explains. He continues:

“This has been an exciting project. Such a level of automation has not been used on the Snorre field before. The system was handed over to Statoil in June and runs like clockwork.”

Snorre and Vigdis North-East
The new freshwater system.

Removed 160 tons

Snorre A is an integrated drilling, production and accommodation platform that is anchored to the seabed by steel tethers. Another job for Aibel has been to reduce the weight of the platform.

“We have removed obsolete equipment, old pipelines, replaced winches and installed lighter equipment,” the project manager says. A total of 160 tons has been removed from the platform.

“Work has been carried out while production has been up and running. It is challenging, but we have succeeded,” Østebrød concludes.

Published 2013-11-07, 10:15 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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