Aibel contributes to science education

Recently Aibel visited Kuben upper secondary school, where aspiring students presented results from their group effort this autumn.

This autumn Kuben upper secondary school in Oslo finished a project in close cooperation with Aibel (photo: Kuben)

The students initially needed a great deal of supervision to understand the tasks, but learnt a lot during the project, according to their form teacher, Kristian Bergaplass.

“After a little while, the understanding of terms and concepts fell into place. The students worked hard to finish in time for the presentation. They were very excited and nervous to hear the feedback from Aibel's representatives, says Bergaplass.

(photo: Kuben)

The students had nothing to fear. Nils Vidar Rystad, Section Manager and process owner, has followed the project work closely. He was impressed and pleased with the results.

“We firmly believe that cooperation like this, were we can provide insight into actual projects is a win-win situation. It’s interesting and rewarding for the students, and gratifying for our own employees,” says Rystad.

Kuben upper secondary school in Oslo has a study for youths who want to specialise in science and technology subjects and later on study technology or engineering subjects at university level.

Aibel in Oslo together with Statoil, Aker Solutions and Technip has contributed with practical support and hosted visits from course students since 2013.  

Published 2014-10-22, 14:15 CET Updated 2014-10-22, 14:30 CET

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