All cabins delivered

The last of the 319 upgraded cabins at Oseberg Field Centre has been delivered to Statoil. Aibel has demolished and rebuilt all cabins at the field centre.

Oseberg lugaroppgradering 2013
Aibel has also refurbished hallways, communal areas and the kitchen.

A hotel

"We have built a new hotel," says Ronald Hansen, a very happy Aibel project manager. In addition to the cabins, the kitchens, hallways and communal areas have also been refurbished.

Since the project started two years ago, 2,400 tonnes of waste and new materials have been transported to and from the field centre - everything has been carried using two small lifts.

Oseberg lugaroppgradering 2013
The new cabins are bright and modern.

Floor by floor

The cabin upgrades at Oseberg are one of the largest individual projects Aibel has undertaken as part of the framework agreement for maintenance and modification with Statoil. It has a value of NOK 700 million.

Aibel has demolished floor by floor, wing by wing. The work has been carried out during two intensive periods of activity. The first was in 2011. The second this spring.

"86 cabins were upgraded during the final phase," Ronald Hansen explains.

In the busiest periods Aibel had 80 employees, including subcontractors, in action at the field centre.

Oseberg lugaroppgradering 2013
These lifts have been in non-stop operation. 2,400 tonnes of waste and new materials have been transported to and from the field centre.

Enormous volumes

Øystein Leiknes is in charge of the assignment for Statoil.

"The project is special as it is a huge M&M project. We're talking about enormous volumes, with regard to both materials and people.

"There is too much to do and too few bunk beds at Oseberg. When you then take bunk beds away in order to carry out upgrades, the pressure mounts even further," he says.

The greatest challenge in the project has, without doubt, been logistics. Aibel installed test cabins at Kokstad in Bergen and the project logistics were practised on land to uncover potential problems in advance.

Oseberg lugaroppgradering 2013
Celebration of good results

No serious incidents

Oseberg Field Centre now has 319 newly refurbished, modern cabins. The work has been completed without any serious incidents.

"To demolish a hotel without anyone having so much as a single scratch is not easy," says Øystein Leiknes from Statoil.

"We are incredibly happy with the work we have carried out. It has been challenging but we have managed to focus on bringing out the best in each other and on working as a team. This has brought results," Ronald Hansen from Aibel concludes.

Published 2013-07-11, 13:50 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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