Big Kårstø shutdown ends

Almost 400 Aibel employees have been involved in the work at the Kårstø facility. Two shifts have ensured continuous manning during the ten-day shutdown.

Shutdown Kårstø, image frontpage(All photos: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel)

“Yes, we’ve been working day and night,” says Facility Manager Arild Øvrebø of Aibel.

This week he could finally breathe a sigh of relief after several weeks of intensive work. Even though the operations are carefully planned, there is huge time pressure involved in shutdowns.

“The facility should be closed for the shortest possible time. There’s a lot of work to be done and time is limited,” Øvrebø adds.

Shutdown Kårstø, image 1

25,000 hours of work

Aibel has a contract with Statoil for maintenance and modifications at Kårstø. Shutdowns are performed to enable necessary modifications, maintenance and inspections. This again helps to maintain safe and efficient operations throughout the year.

“During this shutdown Aibel has carried out seven major modification projects. General maintenance comes on top of that. For example, we have replaced existing components in the systems, such as valves,” explains the Facility Manager.

Aibel employees have put in 25,000 hours work during the shutdown.

Shutdown Kårstø

A great effort

Gas from the Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea is transported by pipeline to Kårstø. It is the part of the facility that handles the Åsgard Transport trunkline that has been closed during the turnaround. Parts of the operating area west has also been closed.

“That equals about 70 percent of Kårstø’s capacity, so this has been a significant shutdown,” says Øvrebø.

One of the major challenges has been the weather - very windy. That made it difficult to work at height at the start of the shutdown.

“But everyone’s made a great effort. We’ve had employees with the right skills, and we’ve reached our goal in spite of challenges,” concludes Øvrebø.

Published 2013-09-26, 10:20 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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