Budding young researchers at Aibel

For one week, 26 children have been carrying out research into geology, biology, physics and chemistry at Forskerfabrikken’s ("The Research Factory") summer school at Aibel.

How many straws can you connect whilst still being able to suck water out of a cup?

"We are going to manage at least ten. That's only another five," came the response from one of the groups participating in the experiment, which introduced children to the subject of air pressure.

With great enthusiasm several groups were able to use more than 20 straws. (All photos: Anne-Lise Norheim/Aibel)

Inspiring experiment

The experiment was one of many carried out during Aibel's summer school in Stavanger. Whilst mum or dad were working, the children aged between 9 and 12 years were trying out experiments within the areas of geology, chemistry, physics and biology.

Special types of stone and rock were carefully examined.

With expert guidance from Forskerfabrikken's two teachers, the children created sugar crystals and a model volcano, examined rock types and chicken bones and carried out experiments on exploding water.

The children tested forces using chemical reactions and created their own sugar crystals.

Supports focus on natural sciences

This is the first time Aibel has arranged a summer school. It wasn't by chance that Forskerfabrikken was chosen as the partner.

"Forskerfabrikken's set-up fits well with our desire to increase children's interest in natural sciences. It is an inspiring way to introduce children to natural sciences and technology, which is the core expertise of Aibel," says Bjørg Sandal, Senior VP Communications. 

ForskerfabrikkenProud and happy children having gained plenty of new knowledge from Forskerfabrikken.

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