Busy period at quayside in Haugesund

At the moment, three vessels occupy the quay and the dock at the yard in Haugesund, and more are on their way. During the last week, Aibel has received orders for six new assignments.

Together with earlier orders, the six new assignments ensure a stable and continuous activity level for ship repairs and maintenance throughout July. 

“We are very pleased to experience a high level of activity despite a quiet market,” says Geir Albertsen, Section Manager Projects and Services with Aibel.

The vessels typically stay at the yard for one or two weeks while work is carried out in the dock or at the quay. Dependent on the scope, the assignments employ 15 - 40 people.

Aktivitet ved kaien i HaugesundThere's a plenty of activity at the yard area in Haugesund at the moment. The photo is from an earlier busy period at the yard.

Current assignments
At present, the vessels Normand Vision, Scandi Acergy and AKOFS Seafarer are all situated at the yard in Haugsund. In addition, assignments on the following vessels have been confirmed:

  • Normand Borg
  • Normand Prosper
  • Ugland Barge 93 and Ugland Barge 94
  • Two new Ugland Barges
  • Anneleen Knutsen

The assignments typically include repair and maintenance like overhauling of thrusters, cleaning of valves, flushing and painting of the hull, and steel work. 

Published 2015-04-15, 08:50 CET Updated 2015-04-15, 08:49 CET

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