Carpooling to work

Aibel employees in Bergen carpool to and from work with the help of a mobile app.


One of the advocates of spontaneous carpooling is Stig Bjarne Wigestrand Moe. He says that there are numerous benefits associated with carpooling.

“There are a lot of traffic jams to and from work in the Bergen area. We contribute to reducing the issues. You get to work faster because cars with two or more passengers can drive in the +2 lane, you protect the environment, it's fun and social and you're a part of something new," he says with enthusiasm.

Carpool with your neighbour

The Carma app is available for both iPhone and Android. Participants can register using e-mail or social media.

Carma-appenSome of the Aibel employees that carpool to and from work (Photo: Terje Albrechtsen/Aibel).

"Simply put, Carma tells you if there are others at your work, in Sandsli or in your neighbourhood who also want to carpool to work. You can choose the days, place and whether you want a lift or if you can provide a lift," Moe explains and continues:

"When you have downloaded the application and registered you can get in touch with other carpoolers to arrange travel. It is safe and easy."

Users can leave feedback for drivers and passengers. The application also has a map feature allowing you to easily see who lives nearby and where they are going.

Give it a try

Spontaneous carpooling is being trialled in Bergen and Aibel is one of many companies actively participating. So far this year, 23 employees have made use of the Carma app – several of them on a daily basis.

"Download the app today. Register and give it a try yourself, whether you have a free seat in your car or are in need of a lift,” Moe concludes.

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Published 2014-02-11, 10:10 CET Updated 2014-02-11, 10:36 CET

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