DolWin beta on its way

Tuesday 10 June Aibel's first wind platform was named before the giant started its journey towards Norway and Haugesund.

Representatives of TenneT, Mitsubishi, ABB, Aibel and Dubai Dry Docks were present at today's ceremony.

"DolWin beta is the first wind platform we have designed and built. Now that the giant is leaving its construction site, it is a milestone for Aibel,” says CEO Jan Skogseth of Aibel AS.

After the actual name-giving ceremony, guests gathered for celebrations. The speeches expressed the companies' mutual satisfaction with the milestone. One of Aibel's guests was Sten Anders Berge, who is Norway's ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. Together with the other guests, he celebrated that DolWin beta now is ready to leave the construction site. The team that worked in Dubai was also present at the celebrations.

IMG_8374.jpgTwo satisfied gentlemen in Dubai today. Mr Saxena, project director, Dubai Dry Docks and Kjetil Jacobsen, project director in Aibel.

Developed in partnership with ABB
Aibel is responsible for the design and construction of the conversion platform. The company builds on the expertise and lengthy experience amassed through numerous contracts for the oil and gas industry.

ABB has contractual responsibility towards principal TenneT. ABB will also equip the platform with conversion equipment and cables. Dubai Dry Docks in Dubai has been contracted to carry out the actual construction work on behalf of Aibel.

Construction has been in progress for the past two years in Dubai. Safety statistics in the construction period are good and prove that safety work has been given high priority.

DolWin beta has started the long journey

German wind farm
The platform will be placed in the DolWin wind farm by Heligoland in the German sector of the North Sea. It will take alternating current from wind farms and convert it to direct current that is carried onshore via sea cables.

When the distance from an offshore wind farm and land exceeds 100 kilometres, the current has to be converted to direct current prior to transport. This is to prevent excessive loss of electricity.

The platform can receive electricity from three wind farms, which means more than 200 turbines. It is the size of a football pitch, and has a dedicated accommodation unit with space for 24 people.

Published 2014-06-10, 21:40 CET Updated 2014-07-08, 15:48 CET

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