Ensures good HSE on Draugen

In the winter of 2013 Shell and Aibel established a dedicated HSE centre in Haugesund. Since then, almost 900 offshore workers have undergone training at the centre.

“Everyone leaving to work on Draugen for the first time has to visit the HSE centre. Here, offshore workers receive training that is tailored for the conditions on the platform. They learn what they need to know to work safely,” says Arild Hansen of Aibel. He is head of the HSE centre.

HSE Centre of Excellence The HSE centre is located in Aibel's premises at Risøy in Haugesund. It includes different working environments, and employees are given training in everything from the use of protective and safety gear to the safe handling of tools (photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel). 

Learn to work together

The centre has been named HSE Centre of Excellence. It was established in March last year. The goal is to raise the awareness of HSE of everyone working on Draugen.

“We organize two-day courses. On the first day we review requirements and expectations from Shell and Aibel. Day two is of a more practical nature. Participants are given a review of tools and equipment, and learn to work safely across disciplines,” Hansen explains.

See Norske Shell's film about the safety centre:

A fresh relationship

Draugen was the first installation in the Norwegian Sea 20 years ago. The plan was that the platform was to produce oil for 17 years, but now its life is being extended. In the winter of 2012 Aibel was awarded a framework agreement for modifications to Draugen. In the course of the next years the platform will undergo several major upgrades.

“A/S Norske Shell is a new customer to Aibel, and through the HSE centre we become familiar with the company's safety culture. Feedback from our employees and other subcontractors is very positive,” Hansen concludes.

HSE Centre of Excellence 

HSE Centre of Excellence


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