Fantastic progress for Maria

The Maria team is entering the final phase of the project hungrier than ever: The ambition is to complete four months ahead of schedule.

Project manager Per Tore Larsen is optimistic. Since the project was awarded in the spring of 2015, the team has been successful on all fronts - both onshore and offshore. All milestones have thus far been passed on or before schedule. The project should be completed in April 2018, but Larsen and his team believe that they will be finished a whole four months before then.

“We're in a good position. From the very beginning we have been looking for smart, cost-effective solutions.  This way, we have been able to reduce the offshore hours considerably,” he says.

Modules in parts
The project, which will increase the water injection capacity and hook-up water injection from the Heidrun platform to the Maria field, is now entering the final phase. The module that will increase the water injection capacity is built, tested and disassembled in Haugesund. Now it is packaged as nine sections, ready for shipment to Heidrun. These will be lifted into place in May. Then work will start on installing and hooking up the module.

“The construction work in Haugesund has gone very well. We have conducted our work as if we were offshore, with daily meetings, close HSE monitoring and with a focus on keeping track of what we have built. The quality of what we are delivering is very good - without hardly a single punch-point,” says Larsen.

Here is the team that made sure all elements produced at the yard were safely hoisted on board the transportation ship before heading for Heidrun.

Most important of all
In line with the PSA priority for 2017, "The trend must be reversed", the project management has started making more frequent offshore management inspection trips.

“The extra trips have been very helpful. We get closer to people and get a good picture of everyday challenges. In addition, we were able to give credit to the offshore team, who have done an incredibly good job throughout the project,” praises Per Tore Larsen.

Around 100 employees in rotation will be engaged on Heidrun through the project, while the onshore organisation now consists of around 35 employees. Everyone is hungry to deliver, but one consideration weighs heavily:   

“We must carry out work safely and properly. The dates we are trying to achieve, must not come at the expense of safety,” is the crystal clear message from the project manager.

Activity at sea has been hectic over the last eighteen months. Aibel has among other things enlarged the riser balcony, prepared for the installation of the module and installed several new equipment packages.

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