First journey through the new tunnel

"Fantastic," says Natasza Bjordal Grønfur. She is one of many Aibel employees whose travelling time will be drastically reduced thanks to the T-link.

t-forbindelsenNatasza Bjordal Grønfur and Jan Reidar Ferkingstad are in the same Aibel car pool.

On Thursday afternoon, Bjordal Grønfur  had a chance to try out the new road network in Hauglandet for the first time. She is part of a car pool of four from Vormedal. They weren't disappointed.

"We spent 17 minutes driving home. Before, we used close to 55 minutes. This means that I will reduce travelling time by an hour every day in total," she explains.

Travelling time reduced by an hour

The T-link improves the connection between the municipalities of Karmøy, Tysvær and Haugesund. The road project consists of nine-kilometre undersea tunnel and ten kilometres of road. The road runs from Håvik on Karmøy via Fosen and on to Mjåsund in the municipality of Tysvær. From Fosen there is also a new road to Haugesund.

Bjordal Grønfur is one of around 500 Aibel employees currently based at Kårstø. For many of them, the T-link means that their journey to work will become significantly shorter.

"A lot of Kårstø workers were happy yesterday. The traffic jams are long, particularly in the afternoon. We can now avoid driving via Aksdal," she says.

tunnelåpning mjåsundThe start of the tunnel at Mjåsund in Tysvær. (Photo: Statens vegvesen)

Great significance to the company

For those who live south of Håvik on Karmøy, the route to Kårstø and Stavanger will become 23 kilometres shorter. Five kilometres will also be saved between Haugesund and Kårstø/Stavanger.

Bjørn Tollefsen is location manager in Haugesund. He says that the T-link will also help a lot with traffic around the yard at Risøy.

"Yes, we expect the T-link to relieve traffic across the Karmsund bridge and Karmsundgaten, thereby improving access to Aibel. Several thousand lorries visit the yard every year," he says and continues:

"The T-link will also make everyday life easier for many of our employees," Tollefsen concludes.



Published 2013-09-06, 13:49 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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