First shutdown for Aibel on Statfjord A

More than 90 Aibel employees are working on Statfjord A during the three week long shutdown. Major maintenance work on the processing facility and supporting systems is to be carried out.

”It is a hectic and demanding shutdown,” says Sverre Tveiten. He is the Project manager for Statfjord in Aibel.

The shutdown on Statfjord A has been planned since the beginning of the year. It started on Monday 23 August and lasts until 11 September.

Statfjord AStatfjord A. (Photo: Marit Hommedal)

Replacing parts of large pipe

”The most challenging work is modifications on a 42-inch pipe inside one of the platform shafts,” Tveiten says.

The pipe, which is a seawater return of cooling water to sea, is 13 meters long. The outlet is 15 metres below sea level and has to be blocked.

”The pipe is heavy, large and rusty. We are changing parts of it, and the work is challenging because of the limited duration of the shutdown,” he says, and adds that major maintenance work also is carried out on 12 tanks.

New installation for Aibel

Statfjord is one of the oldest oil fields in the North Sea. However, for Aibel the field is new.

”We signed for the Statfjord field in the new maintenance and modification agreement with Statoil in the summer of 2010. So, this is the first shutdown for us on Statfjord A,” Tveiten explains.

In May Aibel was involved in a large shutdown at Statfjord C, and in June a smaller one at Statfjord B.

Have to set a good standard

”The shutdowns at B and C went well. Many of the employees that worked on those shutdowns are participating on Statfjord A. That gives a good exchange of experience,” he says.

In total, Aibel has 93 employees on the platform at the moment. 53 of them are working day shifts, and 40 night shifts.

“We work are working around the clock. It is very important to us to set a good standard as a new player at Statfjord,” Tveiten concludes.

Published 2011-08-29, 09:15 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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