Giant module 50 percent complete

Following an intense autumn, the time had come to celebrate for the employees in the Johan Sverdrup Project in Haugesund: The DSM module is now 50 percent complete.

"The Johan Sverdrup tribute band" (Graham Smith, Bjarne Anvedsen, Arne Risløv and Terje Helgesen) rocked the stage (all images: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel).

The module’s fourth and most recent deck was converted into a party venue for the occasion, including a scene and hot dog booths. Hundreds of employees flocked to celebrate the milestone, while the project’s own tribute band, led by steel worker Bjarne Anvedsen, set the mood. 

Group employee representative, Momir Repaja, construction manager Bjørn Pedersen and Statoil’s project director for the DSM module, Stig Nybråten, also took the stage to praise the employees:

“For us in Statoil, it’s an inspiration to see how well you perform. We’re proud of the contribution from all involved parties in the Johan Sverdrup project,” said Nybråten, while reminding the crowd on what is on top of the agenda:

“Good HSSE requires serious effort every day.”

Press play to watch a short video from the celebration:

Footage: Knut Even Medhaug and Cecilie D. Birkeland/Aibel

Four out of six
The first steel for the Drilling Support Module (DSM) was cut in the middle of February, while the assembly work started in the North Sea Hall this summer. The module is now 50 percent complete.

“We’ve had a really busy autumn, with outstanding effort from the crew in Haugesund. We’re now ahead of schedule and have every ambition to keep up the pace,” says construction manager Bjørn Pedersen proudly, adding:

“Incredibly skilled employees and good collaboration across the entire organisation has given us success. The fact that we’re ahead of schedule has given us an extra boost. It’s really rewarding to succeed as a team.”

Four out of six decks have now been installed. When the fifth deck is lifted into place before Christmas, outfitting work will escalate further. A number of electrical and instrumental packages are to be installed on the fifth deck, constituting a significant part of the (scope of) work.

“Approx. 480 employees are now working on the Johan Sverdrup module in Haugesund. The number will increase to nearly 700 during the course of the next two months,” Pedersen tells.

In August, the module will be moved from the North Sea Hall to a barge, where it will later sail to Bømlafjorden to be connected with the Main Support Frame (MSF module), which is being built at Aibel’s yard in Thailand, and the Drilling Equipment Set (DES module), which will arrive from Nymo in Grimstad.

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Published 2016-12-14, 21:23 CET Updated 2016-12-14, 21:23 CET

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