Gudrun is being prepared for production

The work to connect Gudrun's deck and steel jacket is now fully under way. And Aibel is participating on land and offshore.

"We have 90 personnel directly involved in the hook-up," says Aibel Construction Manager, Askild Mokleiv. There are around 40 on land, and the other 50 on the platform.

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 Gudrun hook-up430,000 metres of cable have been laid and 2,855 valves installed on the Gudrun's deck. All parts and systems will be tested prior to production start.

Major work finished

Gudrun's deck sailed from Haugesund on the afternoon of 17 July, and a little more than 24 hours later was lifted into place on the jacket.

"Since then, we've been working with Statoil to get the platform ready for production start," adds Mokleiv.

The major construction work is almost finished for Aibel. The two guide posts used to help guide the 10,600 ton deck into place has been removed.

"We have also installed the pre-drilling deck, and connected pipe spools, fire pumps, gas flare boom and other systems," says Mokleiv.

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 Gudrun hook-upGudrun will enter the history books as a success story for Aibel. The project was completed and delivered on time.

Testing systems

The Gudrun project has also allowed Aibel to demonstrate that the model of constructing a platform partly in Asia and partly in Norway is one that works.

"It's great to see that the project we have worked on for so many years is now nearing its biggest milestone - production startup," says Mokleiv. According to plan, that will be in Q1, 2014.

Before Gudrun was towed out into the North Sea, several wells had already been partially drilled. The drilling will start up again later this autumn.

"Comissioning will be the biggest activity from now on. Aibel will be working on Gudrun right up to production start according to plan," concludes Mokleiv. 

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