Guessed the weight, won a gift card

Student Alexander Steine Johnsen was the lucky winner of Aibel's competition at OTD.

“Winning is always a good thing,” says the 22 year-old from Stavanger, who is doing his third year of petroleum technology at the University of Stavanger (UiS).

 Alexander Steine JohnsenThe winner Alexander Steine Johnsen

Guessed right – the weight was 58 kilograms

The competition Johnsen participated in was guessing the weight of a valve suspended by a pulley. The options were 42, 58 and 74 kilograms. By guessing the right answer, one participated in a draw for our custom-made “Aibel Andy” USB and a gift card.

The right answer was 58 kilograms.

Why did you come by Aibel's booth?

“I just dropped by to take a look. Aibel had a very nice booth, and the competition was exciting.”

How did you decide on the answer?

“I felt the weight when I lifted the valve, and tried to calculate the answer. 58 was the best guess in my calculation.”

Competition OTD people
The competition attracted a lot of people to Aibel's booth at the Offshore Technology Days.

After the fair, the winner was drawn. Alexander Steine Johnsen will now receive a NOK 1,000 gift card.

Published 2013-11-11, 14:05 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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