Have accepted a larger new building

On Tuesday, Aibel’s board decided to implement stage two of the new office building in Haugesund. This means that the new offices will accommodate almost 630 employees.

‘This is an important boost for Aibel in Haugesund,’ says location manager Bjørn Tollefsen.

The new offices will consist of three buildings. The first stage of construction is on schedule, and will be ready on 1 January next year.

Just over six months later there will be one more new office building, with accommodation for 340 employees. A parking garage will also be completed.

‘At the current time we have employees in barracks on site and rental agreements for premises in the centre of town. From September next year, we will all be gathered under one roof,’ says the location manager.

Important for working environment

The new office building is situated at Garpaskjærskaien, just north of Nordsjøhallen.

The entrance will be at the corner of the latest building, and will face the parking garage. The two buildings will be linked by an extensive canteen area, as well as by a pedestrian bridge in the level above the canteen.

‘The office building will make us more efficient, and it will improve our working environment.

In addition, it will provide us with much greater flexibility with regard to new contracts, something again which is important if we are to attain our strategic goals,’ concludes Tollefsen.|

Published 2011-02-09, 16:15 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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