Important summer months for Sverdrup

The Johan Sverdrup project is currently at a demanding stage, where close collaboration between fabrication, engineering and procurement is essential.

In Thailand a busy summer awaits with a high level of activity on construction of the MSF module. Soon the assembly of sections for the lower deck will start, but first exposed components must be treated.

“This is one of the most critical stages. The so-called metallizing process means that we spray molten aluminium on the structure to achieve the reqiured surface protection. This is a difficult process where large amounts of steel must be treated in a controlled environment. To ensure the work is finished on time and with the proper quality, a new temporary paint hall has been built at the yard,” says Construction Manager Bruce McPherson, who continues:

“The hall is just one of several upgrades at the yard and associated facilities. Improvements have made us more flexible and capable of handling greater workloads. At the same time the employees have proven that they both have a large capacity for work and the ability to quickly adapt as required.”

JSDP Grillage
Building activity on the Johan Sverdrup projects will pick up in the summer. This also requires greater attention on deliveries from procurement and planning and design. (Photo: Aibel/Øyvind Sætre) 

High level of activity in Norway and Poland
Activity on the drilling support module (DSM) will also pick up in the time ahead.

“In Haugesund work on the main steel and building foundation in the North Sea Hall is well under way. In July assembly of the first deck will also start,” McPherson says.

Nymo, who will be building the drilling equipment set (DES), is busy with preparations such as prefabrication of pipes. At the same time Mostostal in Poland is engaged with the drilling deck. According to plan, the first delivery from Mostostal should arrive at Nymo at the end of September.

On time delivery
In order for fabrication to keep to the schedule, materials and equipment must be supplied on time and at the right location. This is one of the most important tasks for procurement in the time ahead.

“Just less than 100 of a total of 110 procurement packages have now been placed. This means that we will enter a new stage of careful follow-up of suppliers. Large volumes of materials and equipment must be delivered in the course of the summer in order for work to proceed according to schedule,” says head of procurement for the project, Anne Stokstad.

Overall, the project has a procurement budget of around NOK 3 billion. Among other things, deliveries include around 5,000 valves, 19,000 tons of steel and 1,500 tons of pipes. 

Joint effort
Engineering is also an important supplier for fabrication. The organisation is currently working on speeding up the production of drawings without impacting quality.

“The interaction between Engineering, fabrication and procurement is extremely important to ensure a common understanding of goals and deliveries. We are dependent on continuous feedback and contributions from each individual employee in planning and design to achieve our targets. We need everyone on board to achieve this,” says Engineering Manager Rune Løvstad.

Published 2016-06-29, 13:30 CET Updated 2016-07-28, 07:00 CET

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