KonKraft to review the competition situation

The competitiveness of Norwegian shipyards is the main issue as KonKraft establishes a new working group with members from the industry.

Aibel's deputy CEO Erling Matland will be a part of the group, which will assess the competition situation for the Norwegian shipyard industry.

Much of the oil technology industry in Norway is doing well, but the most recent large contracts have been awarded to foreign competitors outside Norway.

Erling Matland

Will look into competitiveness 

In cooperation with the industry, KonKraft has established a working group that includes representatives of major operators and suppliers. It will analyse the situation and discuss competitiveness, expertise, technology development and cooperation and communication between operators and suppliers. The group's work will be completed by early autumn 2013.

Participants in the working group

Liv Monica Stubholt (chairwoman), Kværner, Hans-Christian Gabrielsen, Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions, Jørn Eggum, Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions, Erling Matland, Aibel, Per Harald Kongelf, Aker Solutions, Odd Strømsnes, Technip, Ivar Brandvold, Fred Olsen Energy, Øivind Bratsberg, Det Norske, Arild Glæserud, ENI, Atle Reinseth, Statoil, Gunnar Myrvang, KonKraft (secretary) and Knut Weum, KonKraft (secretary).


Published 2013-04-22, 16:30 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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