Meet our new apprentices

This week almost 50 new apprentices had their first day of production at Aibel. These young people have been chosen from among hundreds of applicants.

lærlinger 2013 - Annette HusebøAnnette Husebø studies pipe drawings and cutting sizes in the classroom (Photo Øyvind Sætre/Aibel).

“It's fun,” smiles 22-year-old Annette Husebø. She is going to be an industrial plumber and has just started a two-year apprenticeship. And she is one of the few young women in the group.

“That’s ok. It’s easier to relate to men,” she said with a smile.

Huge interest

The number of young people applying for apprenticeships at Aibel has more than doubled since 2010. When the deadline expired on 1 March this year, the company had received over 320 applications.  

stortThis year’s apprentices at Aibel. They were successful in competition with hundreds of others.

“There’s fierce competition for apprenticeships in Aibel. We look at their marks and their absences when we decide,” says Knut Mæland Hauge. He is in charge of training apprentices in electricity, automation and telecommunications.

This year saw 23 apprentices accepted in electricity, automation and telecommunications. 24 new apprentices started on the mechanical side, meaning sheet metal workers, industrial plumbers, welders, industrial mechanics, machinists, and warehousing and logistics.

The total number of apprentices is 47. Three of them will be working on Melkøya, and the remainder in the yard in Haugesund and at Kårstø.

“We take good care of our apprentices and those who come to the company get on well,” says Mæland Hauge.

lærlinger 2013 - sveisingSheet metal worker apprentices had a go at welding for the first time this week (Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel).

They get jobs

At any given time, Aibel has around 100 apprentices in action in the Haugesund area and in Hammerfest. And it is a conscious choice to invest in apprentices. Because apprentices are an important source of skilled labour.

“Yes, almost all of those in training here complete their apprenticeship, get a trade certificate and are normally offered a job in the company. There are good opportunities for development in Aibel and I often come across former apprentices who have today become managers of major projects,” he says.

Annette Husebø is sure that her good marks are the reason why she was chosen for an apprenticeship.

“Just now I'm most looking forward to getting my certificate and I hope to get a job offshore. But of course a lot can change in two years,” she concludes. 

Published 2013-09-12, 09:25 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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