MOPUD - rigged for the market of the future

Aibel has developed unique expertise in the development, design, construction and engineering of process modules for jack-up rigs.

Mobile production units with drilling (MOPUD) are the ideal concept for marginal fields. By preparing and installing a production module on a jack-up drilling rig, the rig can be used for both drilling and production.

"With the process module designed by Aibel, a rig can also carry out the processing of the oil. A drilling rig is easier to move than an ordinary fixed platform. When production in the field is complete, it is easier to close down the wells and leave the field. This makes the solution ideal for smaller and marginal fields," explains Kristian Skavang, Director of Studies and FEEDs at Aibel.

Maersk Inspirer“, oppjekkbar bore- og produksjonsinnretning, fotografert ved Haugesund. Foto: Kim G. Poulsen/Statoil
Maersk Inspirer jack-up drilling and production facility, photographed at Haugesund. Photo: Kim G. Poulsen / Statoil

Tried and tested concept
In 2007, Aibel supplied a process module to the Mærsk Inspirer jack-up platform in the Volve field. Since then, the platform has had high regularity and production from the field has exceeded all expectations. More and more potential customers are now seeing the possibilities associated with this non-traditional solution.

"Low oil prices combined with low rigging rates and simpler regulations make this a cost-effective solution that is in great demand. We have had meetings with several oil companies and ship owners in Norway and we are now also seeing a growing interest in the concept internationally," says Skavang.

The concept is flexible and is therefore relevant to both newbuilds and upgrades to old rigs. Skavang's team is in dialogue with rig owners, rig manufacturers and operators.

Unique expertise
"We have optimised the design through multiple studies and the solution has been adapted for different rig sizes and classes," he explains.


Aibel recently implemented a study on behalf of Det Norske. Several development studies have also been delivered in the last few years, including Bream, Yme and Hild, in which several rig sizes have been considered.

"There are restrictions concerning weight and space on board. This makes the design and construction work especially challenging. But we have identified good solutions to these challenges," Skavang says and adds:

"We have now established unique expertise in this field. The MOPUD concept could undoubtedly open up new possibilities for Aibel in a growing market," he concludes.

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