New Aibel ownership approved

The relevant authorities have approved the new ownership model in Aibel, and the transaction has now been completed. At the same time the composition of the new board is ready.

On 17 December last year Ferd and Herkules Capital signed an agreement with Ratos for the sale of oil service company Aibel. In the new agreement, Ferd and Ratos each control 50 percent. Ferd has held a strong ownership position since 2007, while Ratos is a new Aibel owner. Ratos itself owns approx. 32 per cent, while Swedish Sjätte AP-fonden (Allmänna Pensjonsfond) owns approx. 18 per cent. However, Ratos will handle Sjätte AP-fonden's ownership interests such that the company thereby represents 50 per cent of total ownership interests in Aibel. Ferd owns and controls 50 per cent.

The new Board of Directors

Kjell Pedersen, who is currently the outgoing CEO of state-owned company Petoro, will be the new Chairman of the board of Aibel. Pedersen has a degree in petroleum engineering from Trondheim and had a long career in Exxon/ExxonMobil before joining Petoro in 2001.

The new board has significant financial and industrial experience. In addition to Pedersen, the following will be members of the board:

Helge Midttun – business economist. Holds a number of board memberships, including being a former board member in Statoil. Former CEO of i.e. Fjord Seafood ASA and Det Norske Veritas AS.

Torfinn Kildal – business economist. Holds a number of directorships. Former CEO of Kongsberggruppen and SIMRAD AS.

Henrik Joelsson – business economist and MBA. Investment director with Ratos.

Morten Borge – business economist. Investment director with Ferd.

Momir Repaja - Employees' representative.

Asbjørn John Eggesbø - Employees' representative.

Karsten Amble Bøe - Employees' representative.


Published 2013-04-11, 11:05 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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