New Inclusive Working Life (IWL) agreement

‘On Wednesday we signed an agreement, valid until 2013, saying that we will continue to work towards the goal of an inclusive working life here in Aibel,’ says President and CEO Jan Skogseth.

The new agreement for cooperation between Aibel and NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service) was signed at the head office at Forus on Wednesday. It was signed by Jan Skogseth and trade union representative Momir Repaja.

‘Aibel has been subject to an IWL agreement since the programme was introduced in 2002. The new element in the contract that was signed today is that we shall, at all locations, work even more closely with our local NAV offices,’ says Skogseth.

According to Ruth Søreide, acting manager for the working life centre in Rogaland, this will occur through each of the locations signing its own IWL agreement with the local working life centre.

‘Through closer cooperation with local NAV offices, employees will receive the help that they need at a much earlier stage,’ says Søreide, who signed the agreement on NAV’s behalf.

Through the IWL agreement, Aibel will work to reduce sickness-related absence, it will include people with “impaired functionality”, and it will make arrangements so that enable employees to continue working as long as possible.

‘Aibel is currently working very well in order to achieve these goals. With this new agreement, you will be even better,’ concludes Søreide.

Published 2011-02-10, 14:30 CET Updated 2011-02-28, 14:59 CET

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