Ratos visited the yard

The CEO of Ratos has been shown around at the yard in Haugesund for the first time. And Susanna Campbell liked what she saw.

Not entirely unexpected, the enormous Gudrun platform received most attention.

"It was an impressive, big and complex project. There is a lot of hours and solid competence behind Gudrun,” the CEO says.

Ratos i Haugesund
CEO of Aibel Jan Skogseth, CEO of Ratos Susanna Campbell and EVP Field development Stig Jessen of Aibel on the Gudrun helideck (Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel).

Appealing investment

The new ownership structure at Aibel, involving Ratos and Ferd, was formally approved by the Norwegian authorities in April. Campbell explains that Ratos had been looking at Aibel and the oil industry for a while.

"Aibel has a leading position in a market experiencing strong growth. We therefore consider the company to represent an appealing investment opportunity," she says.

Today she had the chance to learn more about Aibel. Representatives from Aibel's top management and from the Haugesund offices showed her around the yard area.

"It is very useful to see the projects in real life," Campbell says.

Ratos i Haugesund
CEO Susanna Campbell was impressed by the Gudrun platform. She made sure to capture some good pictures of it (Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel).


The Ratos group is a private equity conglomerate. This means that it operates within a variety of different unlisted Nordic companies.

"Ratos is one of the largest investment companies of its kind in Europe and we are delighted that they have they have entered into ownership together with Ferd," says Jan Skogseth, CEO of Aibel.

"The activity at the yard is currently intense, both with regard to Gudrun and the Troll modules. This is an exciting period for the company and it was great to be able to show off Haugesund," he concludes.

Published 2013-06-06, 07:45 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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