Renewable energy on the agenda

When environmental organization ZERO recently visited Aibel, wind power and electrification was on the agenda.

Aibel, which traditionally has been an oil service company, is currently also established in renewable energy. With the DolWin Beta platform the company has taken the step into the offshore wind sector. This is a platform for the conversion of alternating current to direct current from a wind park in the North Sea.

New business area
The ZERO environmental organization recently visited Aibel to learn more about the company's efforts in the offshore wind sector, among other things.

“Wind is a new business area at Aibel. Here we use our expertise and extensive experience from the oil and gas industry to develop technology for a new sector,” says Tore Engevik, EVP wind.

The DolWin Beta wind platform will be located in the German sector. From a business viewpoint, it is here and in England that opportunities are greatest,” Engevik believes.

“Germany and England are putting a lot of resources into renewable energy. We as a company see business opportunities. Unfortunately there seems to be little political intent to do the same in Norway,” he says.

Visit from ZERO Dolwin inside
Tonje Sæther (from left) and Gøril L. Andreassen from Zero were introduced to a Lego model of the DolWin Beta wind platform when they visited Aibel's headquarters in Stavanger. Tore Engevik, EVP wind, and Communications Director Bjørg Sandal shared Aibel's views on the opportunities in the offshore wind market.

ZERO is and independent environmental foundation working to limit man-made climate changes and identify opportunities to meet the world's energy requirements without harming the environment. Among the measures supported by the foundation is electrification of the continental shelf. In brief, this entails that power currently produced by gas plants out on the platforms is replaced by clean power from land.

“We are following the electrification debate with great interest. Here we can see opportunities for Aibel to provide good solutions,” says Bjørg Sandal, SVP Communications.

Published 2013-03-25, 13:30 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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