Replacing the control room at Njord A

Aibel started demolition work on the platform in early March. The new control room should be in place within a month.

The project is managed from Aibel Kristiansund, and is one of the biggest the office has ever had.

"Yes, it is, and it has given us a lot of experience and improved our skills because this is a totally new type of job for us," says Ronny Henden. He is Aibel's project manager.


Improving the working environment

The project is part of the maintenance and modification agreement which Aibel has with Statoil on Njord. The work started as far back as in 2009, and the main study was delivered the following year. The actual project started up in December last year.

"The main purpose of the job is to improve the working environment for operators on Njord A. We are therefore upgrading the control room in terms of lighting, heating, ventilation and ergonomics. In addition, we are going to upgrade the screen system the operators use," explains Henden.

Siemens is supplying the screen system, and has worked with Aibel throughout the entire study phase.

"This was a big success factor, as the system is complicated, and we were dependent on close collaboration with the supplier," states Henden.

The temporary control room at Njord A.

Training courses in the system

The new system has been tested over a period of several weeks. During testing, the new system has been running in parallel with the old one in the control room. A temporary control room has now been set up in an adjoining room, and rebuilding of the old one is in progress.

"We are going almost right down to bare walls, and rebuilding the ceiling, floor, walls, ventilation and electrical systems right from scratch."

What's it like for the operators to work under these conditions?

"We have had to keep an eye on everything the whole time, but the temporary room is working well," explains Henden. He goes on to add that the operators go through a training course the week before they come offshore, to familiarise themselves with the new system.

17 Aibel employees divided between the day and night shifts are working on the project based on the platform. By mid-April, the Njord A operators will be able to move in to their new control room.


Published 2012-03-19, 12:25 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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