Visit from a Shell director

Matthias Bichsel is Director of Projects and Technology with Royal Dutch Shell. Today he visted Aibel's headquarters, and safety was on the agenda.

Matthias Bichsel på besøkMatthias Bichsel (in the middle) speaking to employees in the Draugen project.

Shell is one of the world's leading energy corporations. Matthias Bichsel is a member of the Executive Committee of the company. The reason for the visit was Shell's annual safety day, which is a global event.

The message from Bichsel was unmistakable:

“Safety is my absolute number one priority. If you can't do it safely, then don't do it at all!

Matthias Bichsel på besøkCEO Jan Skogseth at Aibel showed Matthias Bichsel Aibel's Dolwin Beta Lego platform.

Safety standard

Bichsel was accompanied today by representatives of Shell's Norwegian management. Project Director Bernt Granås was among them.

 “It's important that Matthias Bichsel visits us and gives credibility to the safety standard we try to communicate to our employees, so that they are aware that all of Shell is behind us in this work,” Granås says.

The Shell delegation spent an hour and a half at Aibel's headquarters. Among other things, they were given an introduction to Aibel and a review of experiences with the Draugen contract.

Visited the OPC

One of the highlights was definitely the tour of the Draugen centre for integrated operations, the OPC. Aibel linked to the Draugen platform and the Shell executives were given an impression of how cooperation between onshore and offshore works. 

“I think it's great to see, and I'm impressed with what you have achieved,” Bichsel said before ending his visit.

Matthias Bichsel på besøkIn the Draugen onshore project center - OPC.

Many questions

Kjetil Sævareid is Aibel's project director on Draugen. “The visit is important primarily because of the focus on safety work in the Draugen EPCM contract. It is not only related to safety challenges in project implementation, but also how we ensure that the facility may be operated safely once the project has concluded its work.”

This view is supported by Aibel's CEO, Jan Skogseth.

“Matthias Bichsel was very interested in Aibel. He asked a number of questions, and we had the opportunity to give a good presentation of our company. This means that we have also established even closer ties to a large and important customer,” he concludes.

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