Successful visit to the shipyard

Today the drilling rig Deepsea Bergen leaves the shipyard in Haugesund after completing its 5-year classification. The assignment has been performed within the agreed timeframe.

On behalf of Odfjell Drilling, Aibel has carried out work associated with the 5-year classification of the drilling rig. The work comprised inspections and modifications related to structure and pipes, among other things.

Deepsea Bergen photoPhoto: Birger Hovland, Haugesund Luftfoto

Aibel's Project Manager Jarle Toft explains that many activities had to be carried out in narrow areas on board. There was also a need for extensive cleaning prior to the work commencing. 

"We have been working to a tight schedule and have achieved a lot in a short period of time. Handover took place at the end of September, and our part of the work took 21 days," the Project Manager says.

He also notes that there have not been any serious incidents, and that employees have had an excellent focus on HSE.

Excellent facilities
At the shipyard in Haugesund the customer has been able to access facilities and services as necessary to perform its part of the classification.

"We have benefited greatly from the facilities at the shipyard during the visit. This has been crucial for meeting the goals associated with key repair jobs," says Project Manager Tore Mathisen from Odfjell Drilling.

Odfjell Drilling has the operational responsibility for the drilling rig. Deepsea Bergen dates back to 1983 and is owned by Odfjell Rig II LTD. In recent years the rig has been used to implement activities for Statoil in the Skuld, Åsgard and Heidrun fields.

Almost 20 years later
Over the years more than 100 rigs have docked with Aibel in Haugesund in connection with various modification and maintenance assignments. This year marks 40 years since the first drilling rig, Ocean Voyager, arrived at the shipyard in Haugesund (HMV) and 19 years since Deepsea Bergen docked in Haugesund for the first time.

Published 2015-10-09, 11:37 CET Updated 2015-10-09, 11:37 CET

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