Aibel challenged students

Gave students at a research camp an insight into the oil industry.

Aibel recently participated in a research camp at Lambertseter Upper Secondary School in Oslo. Lars Horn, who works with business Aibel, got the opportunity to tell the next generation of workers why they should choose a science education.

“It is important to tell students what they can do if they opt for an education within science, and what they can expect in terms of job possibilities and wages. In addition, it was a good opportunity for us to promote Aibel as a possible future employer,” says Horn.

Lars Horn
Lars Horn presenting what future opportunities a science education holds. (Photo: Lambertseter v.g.s)

Assignement from Aibel

This was the fifth annual research camp at the school. The focus is on scientific research and entrepreneurship, and to stimulate the desire to learn and motivate for continued science education.

Three groups of students worked on an assignment from Aibel, researching the separation process and how viscosity, mass density, temperature and pressure differences affect this process.

Katharina Aadnøy and Inger Lise Biørn, both process engineers with Aibel, participated as mentors.

“Aibel's assignment was more theoretical compared to some of the tasks from the other contributors, and it was academically challenging for the students,” they tell.

Good feedback

Students stated that it was interesting to gain insight into an industry where science is the basis for all work and to have first-hand knowledge of how the oil industry operates. They were also very satisfied with both the task and the guidance they received throughout the week.
Student evaluations state that Aibel’s process engineers were the mentors that received the highest score on academic and professional qualit

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