Thriving in new buildings

Aibel has moved into new premises in Bergen and Stjørdal. Welcome!

Last week, the employees in Bergen started working in the new Aibel building at Kokstad. Finally, after spending years at separate offices, they were all gathered under one roof. 

bergen 4
(Photo: Kåre Reknes/Skanska)

The new office holds up to 900 office spaces, united by a light and pleasant atrium in the centre of the building. It has four floors, and facilities such as gym, cycle parking and a spacious canteen. Right outside the office, a new railway stop is under construction. It is scheduled to open next summer. 

bergen 1
The atrium holds the canteen and is a natural gathering space for the employees (photo: Kåre Reknes/Skanska).

Aibel has approx. 450 employees in Bergen. This means that there is excess office space, which may be let out to other companies. 

bergen 2
The office spaces are a combination of personal offices and open-plan solutions (photo: Irene N. Nøttveit/Aibel).

The building is classified as “Very good” with energy class B in accordance with the BREEAM NOR environmental standard. It is situated in close proximity to Bergen airport and a number of Aibel’s most important partners.

bergen 3
A gym and nice wardrobe facilities are available for active employees (photo: Jannicke Boga/Aibel).

The employees in Stjørdal moved into their new premises in February. The building has an idyllic location close to the sea at Strandveien 1. Like the building in Bergen, emphasis is on bright and attractive solutions. The office holds up to 250 office spaces divided between 4,000 square metres. 

stjordal 1
(Photo: Vidar S. Osen/Aibel)

Gym, wardrobe, indoor and outdoor parking are some of the facilities that already have been put into good use. The building houses approx. 70 employees, who are all gathered at one floor. Available office capacity may be let out to other companies. 

stjordal 2
One of the corner offices is called “The Lounge”. It’s perfect for a quick break with good colleagues (photo: Vidar S. Osen).

stjordal 3
Light pours into the centre of the building. This is where the canteen is placed (photo: Vidar S. Osen/Aibel). 

Published 2015-04-21, 15:31 CET Updated 2015-04-21, 15:31 CET

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