Topping-out ceremony in Haugesund

On 8 March, Aibel Haugesund celebrated topping of the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform as well as the International Women’s Day.

No later than Tuesday this week, the final section for the Drilling Support Module (DSM) was lifted in place. Hence, the stage was set for a proper topping-out party: The construction work is not only on schedule, but actually a bit ahead.

“This would not have been possible without the incredible work effort of each project team member. Good cooperation with other parts of the organisation, like engineering and procurement, has also been a decisive factor,” states Construction Manager for the DSM module, Bjørn Pedersen.

The milestone was celebrated with stew and lemonade on the floor below the 38 metres high colossus, which now fills up most of the space in the North Sea Hall. “The Johan Sverdrup Tribute Band”, headed up by singer Bjarne Anvedsen, created a great atmosphere with tributes to both Aibel and the project. Construction Manager Bjørn Pedersen, Aibel’s Project Director Stig Jessen and Statoil’s Project Director Lars Håvardsholm also took the stage to praise the effort so far.

“It is great to come to Haugesund and experience the enthusiasm of everyone working here. A lot of great work has been put down since the start of the project,” said Statoil’ Project Director Lars Håvardsholm.

Statoil's Project Director, Lars Håvardsholm.

In late August, the module will be rolled out of the North Sea Hall. Until then, the efforts to weld all decks and sections together continue. The team will also equip the module with pipes, cables and technical utilities. About 500 employees will be engaged in this work until the end of the summer.

«The Johan Sverdrup Tribute band» - Graham Smith, Bjarne Anvedsen, Arne Risløv and Terje Helgesen.

The International Women’s Day did not pass unnoticed. Rune Eriksson and Trond Skree from the local union handed out roses to all the women.

About 400 people participated in the event in the North Sea Hall.

The module now fills up most of the space in the North Sea Hall, measuring 38 metres from bottom to top. 

Published 2017-03-09, 15:17 CET Updated 2017-03-09, 15:17 CET

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