Troll’s new modules

Three new modules to extend the serviceable life of the Troll field. Important deliveries at Aibel’s yards in Haugesund and Thailand are well underway.

Two decks for the second Troll module (M13) arrived at the yard in Haugesund this week. These were delivered from Poland by barge. Their delivery was quite a challenge. The yard is now a hive of activity The arrival from Poland is taking place while preparations are being made to roll out the enormous Gudrun platform from the Nordsjøhall. The area is teeming with people, equipment, and activity.

Troll inside 2
Two decks for Troll’s new M13 module arrived in Haugesund this week. These have been built in Poland (photo: Øyvind Sætre).

First module mechanically complete
Almost exactly one year has passed since the first steel was cut for M12, the first of three modules that Aibel will deliver to the Troll A platform. This has been built alongside the Gudrun platform in the Nordsjøhall.

“The module is now mechanically complete with just testing remaining before it is ready to deliver to the platform. Departure from Haugesund is scheduled for 18 June”, says construction manager Einar Tomin Urnes, adding:

“M12 will be installed ahead of this year’s audit shutdown of Troll A, and will be connected during the shutdown. Preparations out on the platform are already underway.”

Troll inside
Einar Tomin Urnes is the construction manager for the Troll modules. He is looking forward to getting started with the assembly of the second module (M13) in Haugesund (photo: Øyvind Sætre).  

Making a start on the next module
With the arrival of the new “building blocks” from Poland, the second module, M13, is now the subject of our full attention in Haugesund. As soon as the Gudrun platform is moved out of the Nordsjøhall, the first deck will be installed.

“The second deck will first take a trip to the painting hall. While this work is taking place, we will give priority to lifting in some of the heavy equipment which is to be installed on the first deck”, Urnes explains.

Once the second deck has received its surface coat, we will start on the assembly work. During the summer, all of the deliveries for the M13 module will have arrived at Haugesund from Poland. 

“M13 will be mechanically complete in spring 2014. This will be ready for delivery next summer”, explains the construction manager.

Well underway in Thailand
Work on the final and largest module, M11, is also well underway. It is being completed at Aibel’s yard in Thailand.

“Prefabrication is well underway in Thailand. Individual elements are complete, and are now being put together at the assembly site in Laem Chabang”, explains Urnes.

M11 will sail from Thailand in early March next year and will arrive in Haugesund in April for the installation of a new crane. This module will be lifted onto Troll A in May 2014.

Published 2013-04-12, 20:50 CET Updated 2014-01-22, 03:33 CET

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