• Jan Konrad Olseth

    Gathering competence into a dedicated centre

    Jan Konrad Olseth, manager of the Aibel office in Bergen, is on the committee of an interest group that is working to set up a competence centre for operations and maintenance in Bergen.

  • Annonse Hellestøstranden

    Jumped in the water for Aibel ads

    It was a Tuesday out of the ordinary for 22 employees who are Aibel's faces in a new ad campaign. Yesterday there was a photo shoot on the beach.

  • Elever på ENT3R

    Built oil platforms out of marshmallows

    Aibel employees were judges, when the youths were given the task to create platforms from marshmallows and grill sticks. The goal was to get the teenagers interested in science.

  • Fasade Aibel-bygget Asker

    Check out the new Aibel building in Asker

    In February, 700 employees move from Billingstad and into the new offices by the railway station in Asker.

  • Roger Magne Osen

    He is the new mayor of Smøla

    It was an excellent election for Aibel’s Roger Osen (the Labour Party) in the small island municipality of Smøla.

  • Roger Magne Osen

    Going for the position as mayor in Smøla

    Roger Osen is normally installation manager on the Kristin platform for Aibel. However, the Norwegian Sea may soon be replaced by the town hall in Smøla.

  • Ernesta and Mindaugas_main

    Hired engineer – and his girlfriend

    Mindaugas Snipas from Lithuania moved to Hammerfest in January to work for Aibel, and his girlfriend Ernesta Dilyte moved with him. When HR consultant Rune Wedding discovered that she was an engineer too, it did not take long before she was hired.

  • Facebook

    More than 1000 ‘like’ Aibel on Facebook

    “This is great and a milestone for us,” says Senior Vice President for Communications in Aibel AS, Bjørg Sandal.

  • Erling Matland

    Talking about success with maintenance and modifications

    The future in Northern Norway is the theme of Petro 2011 in Harstad. Deputy CEO Erling Matland represents Aibel at the conference.

  • Statfjord A

    First shutdown for Aibel on Statfjord A

    More than 90 Aibel employees are working on Statfjord A during the three week long shutdown. Major maintenance work on the processing facility and supporting systems is to be carried out.

  • Rune Helliesen

    1001 new Aibel employees

    Aibel has hired 1001 new employees during the last twelve months. Several new long-term contracts are the reason why the company needs so many people. And the recruitment is not about to stop yet.

  • Graham Peter Lord

    Sailing for a medal in the World Championships

    Graham Peter Lord is hoping for high winds and a top placement at the sailing world championships in Finland in late July. For the second time, the 52-year-old is competing against the best in the world in the 5.5 metre class.

  • Siri Johanson

    A summer job at Aibel in Hammerfest

    After completing the first year of a Masters degree in engineering at NTNU in Trondheim, Siri Johanson is back in Hammerfest. Not on vacation, but to work at Aibel during the summer.

  • Lugaroppgradering Oseberg

    Demolishing more than 300 cabins at Oseberg

    The original order from Statoil was for 175 new cabins at Oseberg field centre. Last week the assignment was extended. Now Aibel is to demolish all the cabins and build again from scratch.

  • Eni workshop in Hammerfest

    Eni presented Goliat contracts

    Eni Norge and Petro Arctic presented the operation contracts for Goliat in a meeting in Hammerfest on Tuesday. Representatives from Aibel participated to find out what is important for the operator, before the tender process starts.

  • Lissie-konsert

    Delivered a fantastic concert in Haugesund

    It was the birthday celebration of all times for Aibel's Union in Haugesund. The sun was shining and ‘Torgbakken’ was packed with people at the Lissie concert on Saturday night.

  • Klubben i Haugesund 100 år - Åpen dag

    ' We are really looking forward to Lissie'

    Union representative Trond Skree at Aibel is excited before the big event tomorrow. He hopes the sun will shine and that Torgbakken is filled with people when Lissie goes on stage in Haugesund.

  • Trip to Prekestolen

    Norwegian language course at Pulpit Rock

    Aibel has many employees who attend a Norwegian language course at UiS. Last Sunday some of them experienced true Norwegian hiking culture – at the Pulpit Rock.

  • Troll A LQE 1/6/11

    New milestone at Troll A LQE project

    After extensive remodelling and installation work, all the 150 new single cabins are ready for use at Troll A. The project has been led from Aibel's offices at Billingstad.

  • Leverandørseminar mennesker

    Good turnout for new Supplier Forum

    Today Aibel is holding its first Supplier Forum for the company’s Norwegian suppliers. The conference is to be held every year, with the purpose to improve the cooperation with suppliers.