Aibel AS adapts to changed market conditions

Stavanger, 27 February 2009

Adapting to changed market conditions, securing profitability and maintaining competitiveness, Aibel AS has, with support from the joint consultative committee, decided to implement cost reductions. The reductions include about 4 % downsizing of the total workforce in Norway, equivalent 150 headcount. In addition, the total number of consultants will be reduced.

At this point it is unclear how the headcount reduction will impact the various locations. The company will, in consultation with the union representatives, implement the reduction program by the end of March.

“This follows as a consequence of an overall reduced market and the need to maintain profitability and competitiveness” says Jan Skogseth, President of Aibel AS.

Questions may be directed to President & CEO Jan Skogseth or VP Communications Bente Kløve. 

For more information, please contact:  

Jan Skogseth
President & CEO
Aibel AS
Tel: +47 85 27 11 66
Mob: +47 91 60 49 73


Bente Kløve
VP Communications
Aibel AS
Tel: +47 85 26 97 22
Mob: +47 91 52 38 03


Aibel AS ( is one of the largest Norwegian oil service companies that engineers, builds, maintains and modifies oil and gas production facilities. With our long experience, skills and expertise, we help our customers to achieve increased oil and gas production.

With our 4000 employees, we work at new and existing fields and production facilities, offshore and land-based, on fixed and floating installations. We are located close to our customers and operate from the most important oil and gas centres in Norway. Aibel is committed to creating value for its customers and a progressive and interesting workplace for all our employees.

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