Greater Stavanger gets a street magazine – Aibel is amongst the sponsors!

Stavanger, 6 March 2009

Stavanger and Sandnes are getting their own street magazine. The magazine, which is to be known by the title of ASFALT, is owned and managed by the Gatemagasinet Foundation in Rogaland. The first issue will be sold on the streets in April.

The street magazine is to be sold by people who have experience of drug and alcohol misuse and dependence, or who are disadvantaged in other ways. The purpose of the magazine is, first and foremost, to provide those in difficulty with an opportunity of supporting themselves without having to resort to either begging or crimes involving pecuniary gain. Another important purpose is that of providing people with dignity in that they participate in society in a positive manner, whilst at the same time communicating knowledge about and insight into the lives of those who live on the street.

In addition, "ASFALT will be a magazine that appeals to its readers because it is a good product”, says Kjetil Sævareid, engineering manager in Stavanger and Aibel’s board member in the foundation behind ASFALT.

Realizing Aibel’s values

Care is the keyword for Aibel’s involvement in the street magazine. “We Care” is the company’s fundamental core value, and this applies in relation to our customers, colleagues, owners – and the rest of society. Involvement, social responsibility and focus on ethics are amongst the values that guide our participation in society as a whole. Our involvement in ASFALT is a part of our realization of these values, and is one link in our work to be good citizens.

“It is important for Aibel to be able to contribute to initiatives that have a major positive influence upon society. In that respect, what we are doing in relation to ASFALT is totally in keeping with our fundamental core values”, says Kjetil Sævareid.

It is Aibel’s owner, Ferd, which took the initiative to become involved in the street magazine. Ferd’s contribution is a financial guarantee for up to 3 years. Aibel acts on Ferd’s behalf in the Gatemagasinet Foundation in Rogaland.

Ferd’s vision is to create lasting values and to make positive tracks. In addition to exercising its social responsibility through its commercial activities, the company is concerned that it takes responsibility by supporting social entrepreneurs that reflect Ferd’s vision. Support is given to selected organizations, projects and persons who work to ensure that people are able to realize their opportunities and ideas.

Important commitment to society

Where business is conducted based on social motivation in preference to financial motivation, this is known as social entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur recognizes a social problem, and uses means from the business world to contribute to solving that problem. Success in social entrepreneurship is not measured in profit, but rather in the extent of the positive influence that the activity has upon society.

ASFALT joins the line-up of previously established street magazines in Norway. Magazines have already been established in Oslo and Akershus, Tromsø, Kristiansand, Bergen, and now there is ASFALT which will cover Stavanger and Sandnes.

In addition to Aibel, SpareBank1 SR-Bank is also sponsoring the venture.

What does it mean to the people involved that they now have their own street magazine?

“It provides our vendors with the opportunity to earn money honestly and to have pride and ownership in the product that they sell. The contact with the buyer is also an important social factor”, says Helle Aasand, editor of the ASFALT street magazine.

Proud to be a vendor

One of those who are going to sell the ASFALT street magazine is Magne Olsen. He has had a long and varied working life, and more experience of life than most people.

“It’s good to have something to do, and I cycle and walk around town a lot in any case. The opportunity to have control over my own working day also suits me well. In addition, it doesn’t do any harm to add a few kroner to my income”, says Magne, who hopes and believes that Greater Stavanger will give a good reception to the ASFALT street magazine, and feels that he can be proud to be a vendor.

You can read more about Magne Olsen in the forthcoming issue of ASFALT, which will be on sale on the streets on the 1st of April.

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