Sverdrup hook-up to Aibel

Stavanger, 31 January 2017

Today Aibel has been awarded the contract for hook-up of the drilling platform at the Sverdrup field. The value of the contract is close to NOK 400 million. In addition, the contract includes options for hook-up of further two platforms.

Aibel has been awarded a contract for the hook up of the Johan Sverdrup Drilling Platform. The contract also holds options for the hook up of an additional two platforms.

“This is an important contract for Aibel. We have been determined and have worked hard to improve competitiveness, and we are pleased to see that we are gaining ground in a tough market,” says President and CEO in Aibel, Mads Andersen.

Statoil awarded the contract today on behalf of the partners in the Johan Sverdrup licence. Aibel’s task will be to prepare and execute the actual hook-up of the new drilling platform at the Johan Sverdrup field. The project also includes connecting the platform’s systems towards the jacket and two gangways, splicing of high-voltage cables, and hook-up of a temporary hotel platform. In addition, Aibel will assist Statoil during commissioning and start-up offshore.

Work starts immediately and will be managed from Aibel’s office in Haugesund. At the yard in Haugesund, the construction of the drilling platform is now more than halfway to completion. President and CEO Mads Andersen sees it as a vote of confidence that Aibel gets to play an extended role in the development of the Johan Sverdrup field.

“We look forward to expanding our partnership with Statoil. At the moment we are about to complete a similar assignment, and we enter the project with the best starting point possible. The basic manning is in place, we have an operational team and recent experience,” he says.

Up to 600 employees
The first phase of the project will be characterized by preparatory activities in close cooperation with the drilling platform project. The topside for the drilling platform will be completed and ready for installation in spring 2018. Then, an intensive offshore phase begins for the Aibel crew, which will consist of up to 600 employees in rotation towards the summer of 2019.

The contract with Statoil also includes options for hook-up of the process platform and the accommodation platform, which both are under construction for the Johan Sverdrup field.


Aibel is a leading service company within the oil and gas industry and is established in renewable energy.

The company`s around 4,300 employees in Norway and abroad are engaged onshore and offshore. With seven locations in Norway, the company is located near the customers. In addition to operations in Norway, Aibel is also located in Thailand, Singapore and Denmark.

Published 2017-01-31, 08:29 CET Updated 2017-01-31, 08:29 CET

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