Wish to create a solid local supplier

Molde/ Hammerfest, 22 October 2009

Together with Aibel AS, the Langset group, through Brødrene Langset AS, intends to invest as a majority shareholder in Hammerfest Maritime Service AS. This will lead to the creation of a solid and competent local supplier to the oil and gas industry in northern Norway.

An important part of the background for this investment has been that Aibel AS has been a driving force for the establishment in Hammerfest of a strong, local supplier with local employees. With its labour force of around 4000 employees, Aibel is one of the largest Norwegian companies within the oil and gas sector.

‘Aibel is already established in Hammerfest with its own engineering office staffed by local employees. We want additional strong, local business partners who can join us in further developing this region in response to requirements from Snøhvit and future developments in the Barents Region,’ says Aibel’s CEO, Jan Skogseth. Local presence is important for the achievement of a competitive and sustainable business activity, and for the creation of local jobs and local involvement. He also adds, ‘In addition, an increased local presence will save both travel and transport costs for these companies, as well as actively contributing to a related environmental awareness.’

Long traditions
Hammerfest Maritime Service (HMS) is a long-established and versatile ship repair yard which, under a number of owners, has operated at Fuglenes since 1947.

By virtue of its location and its resources, the repair yard has been a natural service partner in the development of Melkøya. Through its cooperation with Brødrene Langset and Aibel, HMS now wishes to make a future commitment as a supplier to this new activity in the Barents Sea.

‘The resources represented by these three companies complement each other well, and in our opinion they will create an effective industrial player in Hammerfest. It will be well equipped to tackle the challenges posed by the oil and gas industry,’ says Espen Kinn, who is Chairman of the Board in Fuglenes Industripark AS and General Manager in HMS.

Langset has a long background in the same type of industry as HMS. Both companies have taken part in the Snøhvit development at Melkøya and have maintenance and modification frame agreements. Aibel has a frame agreement with StatoilHydro at Melkøya for maintenance and modification, and has its own engineering office with 22 engineers in Hammerfest. In total, Aibel has 50 local employees, and ten of these are apprentices.

Langset was established in Hammerfest i 2003 and has departments at a number of locations around Norway, with a total of 700 employees. Hammerfest Maritime Service currently has 36 employees at its premises in Hammerfest. Brødrene Langset and Aibel decided to become owners of the company after parts of the company were established as a separate company.

A stronger local supplier
‘Based on cost-related, emergency preparedness as well as political considerations, it is right to establish strong, local suppliers in Hammerfest. We are pleased that Aibel has been a driving force to achieve this development of the companies,’ says Jan Tore Langset, Managing Director in Brødrene Langset AS. He envisages that a stronger company can be an important supplier to Snøhvit, Goliat and other developments in the Norwegian and Russian sectors.

‘Langset has the competence, capacity and solidity to carry out a renewed effort in Hammerfest, and with 1.5 million working hours on the Ormen Lange and Snøhvit developments it is very familiar with the oil and gas industry. When we now place even more focus on Hammerfest through Hammerfest Maritime Service, we will contribute with capital, further education of the employees and reorganisation of the facility in order to meet the strict requirements of the oil and gas industry,’ adds Langset.

Local jobs
Mayor Alf E. Jakobsen in Hammerfest is extremely pleased that more focus is being placed on the local supplier industry and local jobs. ‘There is a central political guideline for the development of oil and gas deposits that business development should take place locally. Both the county administration and local authorities have made determined efforts to ensure that the supplier industry for petroleum activities is visibly established in Finnmark and Hammerfest. This event now brings solid competence into Hammerfest Maritime Service and gives the company a more solid profile in the oil and gas industry. At the same time, it retains and secures the long-established ship repair business. Two solid companies now strengthen their presence in the Hammerfest community,’ says the mayor of Hammerfest.

Operations will be continued under the name of Hammerfest Industri Service AS. The company has applied for economic support from Innovation Norway to upgrade its facilities and to carry through necessary training and adaptation process. Jan Tore Langset in Brødrene Langset AS says that the company is centrally located in relation to the Snøhvit facility on Melkøya and that its facilities are well suited to mechanical prefabrication for both the Snøhvit facility and other projects in the oil and gas industry. 


For more information, please contact: 

Aibel AS
Erling Matland
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Mob: +47 90 59 58 64

Brødrene Langset AS
Jan Tore Langset
Administrerende direktør
Mob: +47 911 99 596

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