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Modifications is Aibel’s largest business area. Our portfolio includes long-term frame agreements as well as independent projects.

Modifications is Aibel's largets business unit. Engineers discussing the best solution for a modification project in the North Sea.

Long-term framework contracts
The company has a market share of about 50 percent in maintenance and modification work on the Norwegian continental shelf. Long-term contracts with major operators such as Equinor, ConocoPhillips and Norske Shell have established a solid foundation and enabled Aibel to build up considerable expertise in the various disciplines and in management.

Modern collaboration platforms
In order to provide the best possible service, we have set up offices close to our customers all along the Norwegian coast. Projects are often carried out in close cooperation between the staff of several offices, which requires a high standard of communication tools and a unified execution model. The company has therefore made significant investments in modern technology to create effective arenas of collaboration. These include an onshore project centre (OPC) used to monitor activities on the installations in the Ekofisk area.

The entire value chain
Aibel is a supplier of EPCIC services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning). Prefabrication for the various maintenance and modification projects is carried out at the company’s yard in Haugesund.

As a total supplier, Aibel has substantial experience from the entire value chain of oil and gas projects. This has provided us with valuable expertise that can be applied to all new projects, particularly studies and pilot projects, where a good understanding of the subsequent project phases is essential for good recommendations.

Reference projects:
Equinor VEM
Ivar Aasen
Maria Water Injection from Heidrun
Oseberg C Continous Drilling