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Aibel has been awarded the assignment to ready the Heidrun platform to receive the production from the Dvalin field (Zidane).

The Heidrun platform. The Heidrun platform (image: Øyvind Hagen/Statoil).

The contract was awarded by Statoil in September 2016 and includes engineering, procurement, construction and installation work.

The Dvalin production will go to the Heidrun platform in the Norwegian Sea. Aibel will build two new modules to be installed on the Heidrun platform at the company’s yard in Haugesund. The modules will be 4,000 tons (M40) and 400 tons (H25) respectively. H25 is to be installed in 2018, while M40 is to be installed in 2019.

In addition to building the modules, Aibel will clear the area on Heidrun and manage integration on the platform. At its peak, the project will require the manpower of around 700 people.

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