Senior Weight Control Engineer

Job requirements

Position Overview: The Senior Weight Control Engineer shall provide the relevant technical expertise in the areas of weight management, weight estimation and weight control in offshore projects including fixed platforms (Process & Wellhead) and FPSOs in accordance with ISO 19901-5, “Weight control during engineering and Construction.” He / She shall have a good overview of weight management in various phases like bids, Feasibility study, Pre-FEED / Concept study, FEED, Detailed Engineering, Construction, Transportation and Installation of an offshore project. He shall have a thorough understanding of the weight contributions from various engineering disciplines viz., structural, mechanical, piping, EIT, architectural and HVAC disciplines considering the specific function of a module in Topsides, in order to verify and validate the weight input received from these disciplines.

The successful candidate shall;

  • Report to, and provide support to the Engineering manager on assigned projects and report to Engineering Manager at the basis level
  • Report to, and provide support to the Engineering manager on assigned projects and report to Engineering Manager at the basis level.bids, concept, FEED, Detailed Engineering, Construction, Transportation, Installation and as-built phases of the project.
  • Be responsible for the preparation of weight control procedure / specification, weighing procedure, weight reporting formats, and Weight Control Reports (monthly/bi-monthly) in line with project specifications in the assigned project.
  • Be responsible for establishing the NTE (Not to Exceed) weights of topsides modules of FPSO and defining COG envelope for each module (Weight Budget), considering the limitations on module lifting capacity, vessel stability and hull structural capacity based on the discussion with client and own the weight budget estimates.
  • Be responsible for the realistic estimation of weights and COG of various disciplines for a specific project based on historical data (in the absence of any weight input from disciplines) and prepare weight control report. Benchmark the estimated weights with historic projects.
  • Be responsible for collecting the weight data and COG from all the disciplines, checking to ensure all items are identified and reported including the future requirements , review the weight and COG data received from disciplines, creating, maintaining and updating the weight and COG database and issuing weight reports throughout the project duration.
  • Be responsible for verifying and validating the weight input and COG data received from disciplines and highlight any anomalies in the weight and COG or for any missing items, to the respective Discipline Lead Engineers.
  • Be responsible to monitor the weight data of engineering disciplines and alert the management and disciplines at right time if there are any significant change in weight or COG.
  • Be responsible to review the weight data and weight reports received from vendors and sub-contractors for its compliance with procedure, specifications and project requirements.
  • Be responsible to create awareness among engineering disciplines, about the impact of growth in topsides weight, contractual obligations on weight limits for topsides modules, initiate weight reduction programs, suggest ways for reducing topsides modules weight and balancing COG offsets.
  • Be responsible for establishing and maintaining a “weight forecast system” based on feedback from the engineering disciplines which identifies, handles and reports potential and approved design changes affecting weight and COG. Plan and supervise the performance of the physical weighing (if any). Ensure that these weighing is in accordance with contractual requirements.
  • Provide technical support to the project to obtain necessary approvals from the verification body / classification society or other applicable approving authorities, represent weight discipline in meetings, discussions, audits, verifications, workshops and technical reviews that relates to weight control and be responsible for closeout of actions identified as required.
  • Continuously seek to improve discipline working methods and procedures and contribute actively to discipline development activities.

Work experience requirements

  • Applicant must have a minimum of 10 years of experience having worked in an engineering setup for upstream oil & gas projects (platforms & FPSO projects) serving in the capacity of a weight control engineer, having accrued thereof a minimum experience of 5 years in the capacity of a Senior weight control engineer.
  • Applicant must have had prior work experience with medium/ large sized FPSO projects in the Oil and Gas sector with similar roles and accountabilities and possess an excellent understanding of weight management, weight estimation and weight reporting at various stages of project from concept to installation.
  • Applicant must have an overview about the major systems in topsides, responsibilities of various engineering disciplines and excellent understanding about the weight contributions from various disciplines depending upon the specific function of a topsides module in an FPSO. He / She shall also have a thorough knowledge about the pre-services phases like fabrication, land transportation (load-out), sea transportation (transit) and lifting of an offshore project.
  • Applicant must have worked in Brownfield and Greenfield offshore FPSO projects and should have an understanding about marine engineering activities.
  • Applicant must have experience in reviewing the 3D model, GA / layout drawings, MTOs, vendor drawings and documents, weight control procedures and weight reports from other contractors, in order to obtain weight input to prepare weight report.
  • Applicant must have experience in estimating topsides modules weight and COG based on the available preliminary information (without the actual weight input from engineering disciplines) and generating topsides weight control report.
  • Applicant shall have experience in verifying and validating the weight input received from various engineering disciplines for consistency with the layout and to find out any missing or double counted items, any anomalies, clarify and quantify contingencies, margins and allowances in the weight estimates, while preparing the weight control reports.
  • Applicant must have experience in anticipating changes in weight and COG on the project and be able to offer solutions when challenges arise, in collaboration with the disciplines.
  • Applicant shall possess demonstrable experience in developing the weight control report of an FPSO project and also in actual weighing operations in yard / field.
  • Applicant must possess a thorough understanding and knowledge of material grades of structural steel and piping in offshore projects, familiar with commonly used oil and natural gas industry standards such as, but not limited to, ISO, API, NORSOK and other relevant standards.
  • Applicant shall have advanced computer literacy in commonly used business software applications such Excel, Word & Access (MS Office & Office 365) and basic working knowledge of PDMS / E3D.

Educational/ technical requirements

  • Applicant must have, as a minimum a Bachelor’s degree in Civil or Structural or Mechanical or Naval or other equivalent engineering specialisation.
  • Applicant must have excellent technical communication (oral and written) skills with proven ability to present technical issues to design teams, client technical authorities, and client’s project management representatives and approving bodies.
  • Applicant must be a self-starter and be able to work with minimal supervision, make sound decisions, take independent action, analyse problems and provide focused solutions to assigned projects.
  • Applicant shall possess strong inter-personal and communication skills and be able to work well with people at all levels in the organization.

Other information:
Work location: Singapore
Application deadline: 31.10.2020

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