Aibel awarded the KIP job

On behalf of operator Gassco, Statoil today awarded Aibel a large scale upgrading job at the Kårstø facility. The contract is worth about NOK 200 million including the options.

Aibel Kårstø 9829
The Kårstø facility. Photo: Øyvind Sætre.

"The contract on Kårstø is very important and was awarded to us following tough competition in a highly demanding modification market. The job will provide work for about 100 people at its peak, and will start immediately," says EVP Modifications at Aibel, Jan Ståle Skår.

Considerable upgrades

Aibel has for several years performed large and small scale jobs on Kårstø, and therefore has extensive knowledge of the facility. Through today's awarding of the KIP project (Kårstø Integrity Project), the Kårstø facility will be upgraded in order to ensure a solid manufacturing performance and increased technical integrity at the facility. Aibel will be executing work in connection with planning, purchasing, fabrication and installation, including the necessary demolition work. The job consists of several projects, but the main job will be upgrading the fire water and depressurisation systems as well as upgrading the Aalborg boiler.

Two options

Additionally, the contract includes two options. The most extensive option includes preparing and installing a mercury filter in the Statpipe intake. This option may be awarded in the New Year, and is worth about NOK 50 million. The second option is included in option number one, and will include preparing for future installation of the mercury filter.

The work will continue throughout the end of 2018, and will be run from the Aibel office in Haugesund.