Aibel replaces deluge cabinets

Installation of the first new deluge cabinets at Draugen is under way. The deluge cabinets will supply the platform’s sprinklers.

DSC 0030
Aibel personnel installing the first temporary deluge cabinet at Draugen. All Photos: Aibel.

The modification of the deluge system is one of several upgrade projects at Draugen performed by Aibel. This was one of the first projects to be commenced after Shell awarded Aibel the frame agreement for maintenance and modifications at Draugen in 2012.

“The mission is to replace today’s deluge cabinets with new equipment. The first cabinets are being replaced as we speak. From here on, installations will commence step by step,” says Delivery Manager for Draugen Smaller Projects with Aibel, Grethe Thingvold.


Complicated installation

The deluge cabinets are part of a safety-critical system, meaning that temporary cabinets must be put into operation during the replacement. The project team is responsible for the engineering and installation of both the temporary and final solution.

“From the time a temporary cabinet is installed, it takes us about three weeks to remove the old one and install the new,” says Project Manager Rolf Torvik.

The temporary solution, in addition to the size of the cabinets and their connecting tubes, complicates the installation.

“We had some challenges during the installation of the first cabinet, but are now back on track after a minor delay. Now we’ve gained valuable experience that we will put into use during the next installations,” says Torvik.

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Good work

The project engages around 30 engineers and 25 employees offshore. The project manager is impressed by the efforts of his group.

“The project team has handled occurring issues in a very constructive way,” he says.

The engineering scope is to be finalized during spring 2015. These days, the activity level is at its peak. A total of 14 cabinets are to be replaced.