Big Johan Sverdrup P2 celebration

On February 21, Johan Sverdrup's project team for the P2 platform could tick off for another milestone. The first deck of the Utility Process Module (UPM) being built in Haugesund is now complete, and this deserves a celebration.

Oversikt Nordsjøhall
With the North Sea Hall as venue, Aibel and its partners celebrated completion of the first deck for the Johan Sverdrup P2 UPM module. All photos: Øyvind Sætre / Aibel

The P2 module is being constructed in The North Sea Hall, which at the occasion also served as a party venue. All project workers and indirect contributors were served stew for lunch while Aibel's own house band took care of the entertainment. From the stage, both municipal management and project directors held speeches.


Stig Jessen, Aibel's project director for Johan Sverdrup, opened the party by praising the project team's efforts.

"We are now 50% finished and are in the final stages of our design where we have soon released 50,000 drawings. This module is the very heart of the platform, it weighs 5700 tons and is very complex. That's why we chose to build it here in Haugesund, to make sure we'll finish on time and with the high quality needed in a weather-hard environment in the North Sea.”

Stig Jessen
Aibel's Project Director for the Johan Sverdrup P2 project, Stig Jessen.

Deputy Mayor of Haugesund, Trine Stokland, congratulated Aibel on behalf of the municipality:

“You are in possession of very many strong hands and wise heads in combination with world-class technology. The Johan Sverdrup P2 project is a good example of this. I believe that it is hugely important that both local, regional and national governments provide you with framework conditions and instruments to retain and develop this expertise both today, tomorrow and in the years to come. Thank you for the important job you do for our region," she concluded before passing the word on to Equinor's project director for P2, Ståle Nordahl.

Trine Stokland
Deputy Mayor of Haugesund, Trine Stokland.

"It is no coincidence that the Johan Sverdrup P2 platform is being built at Aibel, and it is with pride that the fifth platform for the large Johan Sverdrup field is now taking shape precisely here in Haugesund," he said, stressing that the companies have jointly set high goals in HSE, quality and plan. "The fact that everyone should come home safely from work is a premise in order to operate," Nordahl concluded.

Staale Nordahl
Ståle Nordahl, Project Director for P2 in Equinor.

"We have high quality in the work being carried out, including HSE and progress," stated Aibel's construction manager for Johan Sverdrup, Bjørn Pedersen, who could also tell that the project is on schedule in relation to the delivery.

In total within the project, Aibel will perform approximately 2 million hours in Haugesund, and on this module, the project is now 35% finished.

“This is an incredibly dedicated bunch of both managers and operators, who do a fantastic job every day. I'm super proud to lead a team like that," Pedersen said.

Dekk fra oven

At the moment, 3,500 people are working to finalize the three modules (MSF, UPM and HVDC) that make up the 25,000-ton P2 platform. The modules will be assembled in March next year. Then one will again be able to see a landmark in Haugesund until the platform sails to the Johan Sverdrup field in January 2022.