Delivered the final modules

At the end of November, the final two modules for the P-74 FPSO left Aibel's yard in Thailand.

Pic 04
The modules left the yard early in the morning on 22 November. All photos: Piyawat Hirunwattanasuk.

Modules M8 (Removal System Module) and M9 (PIG Launchers/Receivers and Production & Injection Manifolds Module) are the final two of a total of five modules Aibel is delivering to Estaleiro do Brasil Ltda. (EBR) in the P-74 project. The modules are to be installed on the P-74 FPSO, which is currently under construction at the Brazilian yard Sao Jose do Norte.

Pic 01
Module M8 (Removal System Module) is transported from the assembly area.
Pic 02
Module M9 (PIG Launchers/Receivers and Production & Injection Manifolds Module) is on its way to the transportation vessel.

"We have successfully delivered five modules to our client EBR. Since the first cut was made in the autumn of 2013, more than 4 million man-hours have been completed. All parties involved have put in a great effort, completing the work with a high degree of safety and quality," says Project Manager Thanakorn Wankanapol.

Pic 03
The modules have been sea fastened – all set for departure.

The second and final P-74 delivery had a weight of 4,483 tonnes. The total weight of all five modules was right above 7,000 tonnes. Aibel has been responsible for both procurement and construction. At its peak, the project engaged up to 850 employees in Thailand.