Filled to capacity

No less than six ships have docked at Aibel Haugesund this week. The ships are in for overhauling, classification and upgrading.

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From left: Edda Fonn, Deep Investigator, Norman Oceanic, REM Poseidon (inside the drydock), Deep Wave and Edda Fides. Photo: Birger Hovland/Aibel.

Deep Wave and Deep Investigator from shipowner DeepOcean are undergoing upgrading/classification and demobilisation/smaller upgrades. Edda Fides and Edda Fonn are visitors from shipowner Østensjø, while Normand Oceanic have arrived from shipowner Solstad. Both Edda Fonn and Normand Oceanic will undergo crane upgrades while at quay. Finally, Rem Poseidon, also from Solstad, is in for various services, including a traditional hull surface treatment in the drydock.

With a total of six ships at quay at once, the yardstay capacity is fully utilised. During the last couple of years, Aibel has experienced an increasing demand in the market for ship maintenance services. The company has built a good customer base and has received a lot of positive feedback on the assignments completed.

“Good references from previous assignments, competitive terms and the yard’s flexibility have been important to ensure new contracts. Even though we are facing a though market, this will remain an important focus area for Aibel moving forward,” says EVP Modifications and Yard Services, Bjørn Tollefsen.